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Term courtesy of El Cerrito CA plumbing company: Ballcock assembly

A ballcock assembly is the interior flush mechanism located in a toilet tank. It automatically shuts off water flow by lowering the flapper at the bottom of the tank when the float reaches a preset level.

El Cerrito plumbing FAQ: What can I do about a leak between the toilet tank and bowl?

If you notice water leaking between your tank and bowl whenever you flush, replacing the gasket where the two connect will probably fix the problem. A cracked fixture could also be at fault, so have your plumber investigate the source of the leak before any water damage occurs

El Cerrito Plumbing: Article About Detecting and Doctoring Toilet Leaks

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Toilet leaks can be quite damaging to your home over the long term, but they are often difficult to detect. Water that collects between a faulty wax sealing ring between the toilet and waste piping can make the surrounding floor spongy. Eventually, the leak damages framing with dry rot and requires structural repairs. Water can also leak from your tank to your toilet bowl, comprising a significant water drain that shows up on your utility bills. Find out how to identify toilets leaks and how to address them. Call upon your El Cerrito plumbing team for expert assistance.

The primary indicators of a water leak are the presence of water on your floor or water stains on the ceiling. An external toilet leak may also emit sewer gas odors. If you suspect that your toilet is leaking at the floor level, it will be necessary to remove the toilet to confirm the source of the leak. Most homeowners call their plumbing professionals to take care of such a project.

The first step is turning off the water supply to the toilet and flushing to empty the fixture of water. Removal of the supply line to the toilet tank is also necessary. Next, your plumber loosens the bolts near the base of the toilet that secure it to the floor. This may be complicated if water has caused corrosion on the bolts. Once the toilet is free of its bolts, you plumber can lift it off the wax seal and set it aside.

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Removing the wax ring and cleaning around the waste pipe hole reveals water leakage that has seeped into the flooring. The plumber checks the toilet flange where the bowl bolts into the floor to make sure it isn’t broken and looks for signs of dry rot around the area. Sometimes, only a new wax ring is required to fix the leak, but at other times, a replacement flange or structural rebuilding is necessary to repair damage.

Perform a simple home test to identify internal toilet leaks. Drop some red food coloring into the toilet tank. Do not flush for about 20 minutes, and then look in the toilet bowl. If it is tinted pink, water is leaking from the tank to the bowl, probably due to an improperly seated flapper. Have your plumber confirm the source of the leak and replace the necessary parts of your flush assembly. If the bowl water is not discolored, you probably do not have a leak.

A toilet that continues to run after the flush is complete may waste more than 200 gallons of water per day, according to the federal WaterSense program. Sometimes, a sticking flush handle causes the water to keep running into your toilet. Another cause of a running fixture is a broken or improperly set ballcock assembly.

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