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Common plumbing term explained by Oakland CA plumbers: Journeyman

In California, a plumbing journeyman is a tradesperson who has completed an apprentice program and is skilled and qualified to provide plumbing services without supervision. Not yet licensed, journeymen cannot contract for jobs that are valued at more than $500. After four years of journeyman experience, the journey-level tradesperson can apply for a state C-36 plumbing license.

Oakland plumbing contractor answers a question: How do I find a union-trained or UA-member plumber in the Bay Area?

Most local plumbers display their union affiliations on their industry listings, directory listings, advertisements and websites. In the East Bay, there are several local UA unions that list their area members. Both the U.A. Local 159 and U.A. Local 342 serve the Bay Area and can help you find a trained and qualified plumbing contractor for your residential plumbing needs.

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Berkeley Plumbing and Heating: Professional Oakland CA Plumbing

Choosing a professional Oakland plumbing contractor to install or replace your home’s plumbing system can be tricky. Do you flip through the phonebook or ask friends for recommendations? Do you surf the Internet and select the company with the most colorful website? Do you look for official-sounding certifications that seem to be credible? Most homeowners who are unfamiliar with the building industry are often left feeling uncertain about how to select a plumber and equally uncertain once a plumber is chosen.

Certainly, recommendations from friends are a good place to start when seeking a plumber. One of the most important credentials to ensure that you have a qualified plumber is the plumber’s training by the United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters, the union for plumbers, welders, HVAC service technicians and fitters. Each year, the United Association (UA) spends more than $200 million on training journeyman and apprentices in a comprehensive education program. With this broad-ranging schooling, UA-trained plumbers are prepared for every plumbing need and specialty.

Why are these plumbers’ skills preferred over others’? UA-trained plumbers begin their education with an extensive five-year apprenticeship program that includes classroom instruction as well as on-the-job training. Renowned as one of the world’s premiere construction industry apprentice programs, the training is split into five, one-year portions. Each one-year segment involves an impressive 246 hours of classroom instruction and 1,700 to 2,000 hours of practical experience.

Apprentices complete coursework in a core curriculum that includes science, math and drafting. They also study a variety of other subjects developed by skilled tradespeople and educators. The UA’s educational arm, the International Pipe Trades Joint Training Committee, writes and publishes more than 100 training manuals used in the apprentice program as well as in community colleges and technical schools around North America.

The plumbing experts at Berkeley Plumbing and Heating of Oakland CA can assist with any questions regarding heating repair or boiler repairs.

Educational publications range from advanced plan reading and medical gas systems to backflow prevention and heat pumps.

After coursework and the entire five-year apprenticeship is completed, students can pursue journeyman training in plumbing, HVAC systems, pipefitting or a variety of other trades. For journeymen, the education and training continues through UA programs and on-the-job training for another four years.

Even after plumbers receive their licenses from California, UA members can train in a number of specialized paths for distinct certifications. The union’s certification programs include areas such as medical gas installation, valve repair, industrial rigging, welding and green awareness. The certifications are awarded only after applicants complete courses and are evaluated and tested by a third party to ensure qualifications.

Continuing education is prized by the local UA unions, and a variety of courses, seminars and workshops are offered to professional plumbers. The additional education ensures that local UA plumbers are kept up-to-date on the industry’s latest products, procedures and competencies.

All of this training, education and certification ensures that Oakland residents receive the most skilled and educated plumbers available. Whether you are looking for a local plumber to replace your worn pipes, install your new home’s plumbing or overhaul your current system, selecting a UA-trained plumber at a UA-member company can give you peace of mind and access to quality workmanship.

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