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Term & definition explained by Oakland CA plumber: Fill valve

A fill valve is the device a toilet uses to fill the tank with fresh water. There are four main types of fill valves available on the market. Each performs the same job for the toilet, no matter its age.

FAQ for an Oakland plumber: Why is there always a puddle of water around the base of my toilet?

This is something that will need to be checked by a professional. It could be a variety of things and even a combination of things. The most common reasons why there is water around the base of a toilet include the wax seal ring has degraded or a pipe is leaking.

Oakland Plumbing: Article About Calling A Plumber For Toilet Repair

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Knowing a toilet inside and out can help some homeowners fix minor issues regarding the functionality of their device, but a basic knowledge of the internals cannot fix serious issues without plumbing experience. It is important that an Oakland plumbing professional is called as soon as a problem arises. By having it fixed correctly the first time, a homeowner can save a lot of money. A DIY toilet repair job gone wrong can wind up ruining several internal parts in the process of fixing another or flooding the house.

Sometimes, knowing what the toilet tank holds can help a homeowner fix simple problems. A few important parts inside the tank to be familiar with include the fill valve and the flush valve. Being able to locate where these two things are can help the homeowner fix a toilet that will not shut off. A running toilet can waste a lot of water when it is allowed to continually feed water and recycle the old water. There are various types of toilet fill valves available. The more popular types include the plunger, diaphragm, float cup and the floatless. The plunger type is the oldest type of valve used in toilets. The newest types include the float cup and the floatless valves. These are usually found in toilets that have dual-flushing capabilities. These parts are constructed from plastic instead of brass, which the older styles were made from.

Another important part to identify inside the tank is the flush valve.

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The two types of flush valves are either a tapered rubber float ball or a flapper ball. This device allows the new water to come into the tank and eventually into the toilet itself. Many people already know what the outside of the flush valve looks like. It is the device that is pushed each time the person flushes the toilet. This valve is eventually connected to a pull rod which allows the valve to function. Pulling up the pull rod can stop some toilets from continually feeding water into the tank. This is one step that a person can take until a plumber arrives at their house to assess the situation at hand. Sometimes, a pull rod falls off of its chain. If the homeowner can’t or has not desire to reattach it, a plumber can fix the problem in no time. After all, trying to fix the pull chain could result in another part getting broken.

Most of the time a toilet can be fixed with minor adjustments made by the homeowner. When they do not feel comfortable enough to add a new part such as a valve chain, it is wisest to call a plumbing professional. They can assess the problem and even prevent future problems from happening. Some DIYers are known for trying to fix their own plumbing issues, but many times, they just make the matter worse. If a valve bursts because it is old or has frozen, it could lead to major problems with the plumbing throughout the home. A plumbing company should be called to fix the problem and prevent further damage from happening.

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