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Common plumbing term explained by Oakland CA plumbers: Chromotherapy shower

A chromotherapy shower bathes you in colored light while you clean in order to positively affect your mood. Many people believe that chromotherapy helps balance a person’s energy, but there is no scientific evidence that it has any medical effect on the user.

Question and answer courtesy of Oakland plumbers: How can I conserve water in the shower?

Saving water while showering is a shared responsibility between the shower user and the shower’s construction. While installing low-flow heads will reduce your water use per unit of time, taking too long of a shower can negate any savings. We recommend that you shut the water off in your shower completely unless you’re actively using it.

Oakland Plumbing: Article About New Shower Options

Berkeley Plumbing and Heating: Professional Oakland CA Plumber

Showers have come a long way since man invented the first plumbing systems thousands of years ago. You may think that hot and cold, high-pressure and low-pressure are the only options available to you, but as an experienced Oakland plumbing company, we know there are a lot more exciting features on the showers available today. Whether you want to get clean in style or use less water, there are plenty of options that a plumber can help you install.

One of the most popular developments in bathroom remodeling is the addition of rain shower heads. Like the name sounds, rain showers spray you with water from heads mounted directly above the shower stall rather than mounted on the side. This allows you to use the full effect of gravity while washing. Due to their rising popularity, you should be able to find a rain shower head that meets all your expectations for style and comfort.

If you feel like you’re not getting clean enough with a traditional shower, you always have the option of installing more than one head. A rain spout combined with a detachable head can help you target every area quickly and easily. Some homeowners go all out by installing a different head for each area of the body. Entering the shower for them is like going through a car wash. In Japan, some buildings have even installed air showers to help remove dust, dirt and pollen.

Homeowners who put a lot of value in style will find plenty of showers that fit their personalities.

The plumbers at Berkeley Plumbing And Heating of Oakland CA can assist with any questions regarding water heaters or boiler repairs.

Your shower’s style can be upgraded relatively quickly and cheaply by installing new panels that can be funky, classy, feminine or masculine. For many homeowners, color is what makes all the difference. Whether or not you believe in chromotherapy as an effective alternative treatment, a chromotherapy shower offers a great way to add soothing and tranquil colors to your bathroom experience. Rainbow tiles change color when you spray them with water, adding a fun and stylish component to your bathroom.

If you’re a control freak, you’ll be filled with anticipation for your daily cleaning ritual if you have a digital control panel. You’ll have the ability to control everything from temperature to pressure from a waterproof display right in your shower’s panel. With additional devices, you can also watch television, listen to the radio, or play your favorite games. Another cool, high-tech feature is LED lighting that can turn from blue to red as the water temperature changes from cold to hot.

If you’re worried about water conservation, there are even showers that let you know when you’ve used more than the recommended amount of water in a session. Advanced shower heads can reduce the flow of water without making it seem like you’ve sacrificed the power of a high-pressure stream. An Italian designer even invented floor panels that kick you out of the shower when you’ve used too much water.

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