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Term & definition explained by Oakland CA plumbing experts: Sewage backup

Sewage backup is when a sewage line becomes clogged or obstructed. As a result of a number of problems, this will cause the flow of sewage to revert back to an available outlet such as a toilet or drain.

FAQ for Oakland plumbing professionals: In the event of sewage backup in my home, what should I do?

If sewage backup occurs in your home, it is important to first make certain that small children are kept away from the area entirely. You should wear a mask and avoid the area yourself as much as possible. Sewage may contain harmful bacteria that can cause illness. Turn off the central heat and air to avoid any sewage from circulating through your ventilation. Immediately call a professional to fix the problem and begin the process of cleanup and restoration

Oakland Plumbing: Article About Sewage Backup Prevention

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Sewage backup is one of the more unpleasant plumbing problems that can occur. Each day, millions of gallons of water are successfully piped to sewage treatment facilities. But occasionally, lines will become clogged and can create backup problems. Knowing how to prevent this can mean the difference between a huge inconvenience and peace of mind. Oakland plumbing is some of the best in the country, but even then, everyone has to do their part to keep the sewage system working smoothly.

One of the first and most important things to know is what not to flush down the toilet. Experts in sewage systems tell many stories about improper items that have been flushed down a toilet. Diapers or sanitary wipes are some of the most common causes of sewer blockage. These should only be thrown in the trash can, and not in the toilet under any circumstances. This can and will clog your drain and could cause further problems with the sewage lines. Another common problem comes from the disposal of kitchen grease through the kitchen sink. This grease not only causes the clogging of your drain, but can also create an increasing layer of buildup that will create sewage backup. Save the grease and dispose of it alternately, but under no circumstances should it ever go down the drain.

Knowing where your sewage lines run is also important if you are planning to plant trees.

The plumbing experts at Berkeley Plumbing and Heating of Oakland CA can assist with any questions regarding boiler repairs or water heaters.

Planting trees on or near sewage lines can create future problems with the plumbing as well, and should be avoided at all cost. Your drains and the sewer lines are two different things. It is very important to understand this difference, and don’t connect drains or sump pumps to your sewer. For this reason, and many others, it is important to use a qualified professional for any and all of your plumbing needs. This is a very specialized area of contracting and therefore using an experienced and trustworthy plumber is always wise.

Sewage backup prevention is not just about what to avoid. It is also important to take proactive steps to avoid clogged drains and sewage backup. Installing a “backwater valve” on the lowest drain line is very important. This should be installed by a professional and be followed with regular maintenance and inspection. Sewer access is also the responsibility of the property owner. Make sure that it is easily located and accessible. Keeping nearby grass trimmed with a clear perimeter is both wise and helpful to any professional that needs to access this point. Finally, make sure you know what your homeowner’s insurance will pay in the event of a sewage backup. Understanding your coverage and talking about options for coverage is vital.

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