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Term courtesy of Oakland CA plumber: Automatic faucets

Automatic faucets are known by many different names, including hands-free, touchless, motion sensing and infrared faucets. These faucets are equipped with a passive infrared motion sensor, usually placed on the underside of the faucet spout, that is triggered by the movement by a nearby hand. The faucet turns off after it no longer detects movement.

Question and answer courtesy of Oakland plumber: Are automatic faucets difficult to install and maintain?

Most automatic faucets offer relatively straightforward installation instructions, but if you are adding an automatic faucet as part of a larger kitchen remodel or installation, it’s a good idea to have your plumbing contractor handle it. Maintenance, too, is fairly simple. Automatic faucets are cleaned with glass cleaner or mild soap, operate on common AAA batteries and have an under-cabinet control box that allows you to adjust water temperature.

Oakland Plumbing: Article About Top Kitchen Plumbing Trends

Berkeley Plumbing and Heating: Professional Oakland CA Plumber

Making the most of the favorite room in the house takes a great deal of decisiveness, planning and even some research of contemporary kitchen plumbing trends. Your kitchen can be the efficient, healthy and appealing hub of your home with the right design, and today’s most innovative plumbing fixtures can help you create the look and function your family needs.

A successfully remodeled or newly built kitchen requires a strong partnership between you, your professional Oakland plumbing contractor and your builder. Whether you simply want to improve the look of your kitchen, have better function or create an eco-friendly room, you are not alone. A recent Houzz study found that many people have multiple reasons for updating their kitchens. For instance, 79 percent of those remodeling their kitchens wanted an updated space, 59 percent were looking for more efficiency, and 50 percent wanted to add energy- and water-saving appliances and fixtures. Fortunately, the best trends in kitchen plumbing can help you achieve all of these goals.

One of the simplest ways to update a kitchen’s appearance is with a new faucet, and today’s faucet manufacturers continue to bring innovative, water-saving products to the marketplace. As with bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets with hands-free functions are incredibly popular. They conserve water by only releasing water exactly when needed, they save cooks from dirtying levers with food-soiled hands, and they are available in a beautiful array of styles, finishes and designs.

A plumber at Berkeley Plumbing and Heating of Oakland CA can assist with any questions regarding boiler repairs or heating repair.

Many kitchen-bound automatic faucets have sensors underneath the faucet and on the top of the faucet for even more convenient use.

Technologically advanced touch-on kitchen and beverage faucets are fun and inspired. Simply tap the faucet anywhere on the spout, body or handle to trigger the faucet’s water flow. On some models, a pleasant blue ring of LED light surrounds the base of the faucet to indicate that the touch sensor was activated, and the light glows with a red hue to indicate a low battery.

To go with innovative faucets, stainless steel sinks remain popular, although warmer copper sinks are making headway into the kitchen scene. Also in demand are multi-function sink systems that provide convenient tempered glass preparation boards, drain trays and colanders that slide along the top of the sink.

Dishwashers, too, are experiencing a renaissance in their aesthetics. For visual appeal, many homeowners are choosing to highlight their dishwashers instead of hiding them with false-front cabinet overlays. Today’s hottest dishwashers are made with floating glass front panels in sophisticated hues like slate green, blue water and sterling gray. For the best energy efficiency, choose dishwashers labeled with the Energy Star certification. If you’re looking for water-saving dishwashers, though, you’ll have to do some research. On most plumbing fixtures, the EPA provides a WaterSense label for products that reduce water use by 20 percent, but the agency does not yet label or rate dishwashers.

Popular trends in kitchen style come and go, but innovative kitchen technology is expected to continue to grow and expand over the coming years.

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