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Term courtesy of Oakland CA plumbing contractor: Chromatherapy

Chromatherapy, or color therapy, involves the use of light to balance a person’s energy. Based on the belief that lights from different parts of the spectrum can evoke certain moods or stimulate certain parts of the body, chromatherapy lights can now be installed in showers and baths.

Oakland plumbing contractor answers a question: How do I find out which bathroom fixtures save water and might qualify for utility rebates?

The EPA certifies water-efficient fixtures with its WaterSense label. Similar to an EnergyStar label for energy-efficient products, the WaterSense label helps consumers choose water-saving products that are verified to use 20 percent less water than standard fixtures. For possible water-saving rebates, check your water utility’s website for a list of products that qualify. EBMUD frequently offers $50 rebates when you replace an old toilet, and the organization provides high-efficiency faucet aerators and shower heads to eligible customers.

Oakland Plumbing: Article About Top Trends In Bathroom Plumbing

Berkeley Plumbing and Heating: Experienced Oakland CA Plumbing

From creating a spa-like setting to finding the most luxurious accessories, there are abundant options for designing an incredible bathroom. Modern bathroom fixture manufacturers are innovating unique products and technologically advanced fixtures that offer an astonishing “wow” factor for any bathroom. If you are remodeling a bathroom or designing a new addition, here are some top trends in bathroom plumbing that can make your bathroom a pleasant oasis.

Create the ultimate entertainment center in your shower with Bluetooth-enabled shower heads, in-shower television screens, lush steam settings, personalized water pressure adjustments and water temperature selectors. For maximum effect, add an over-sized rain shower head with LED chromatherapy features. A chromatherapy shower is a unique sensory experience that blends a cascade of water, light and steam for a magnificent display. In addition to the stunning visual appeal of chromatherapy showers, their colorful hues are thought to be therapeutic and mood-altering. With all of these advanced features, be sure to have these technological wonders installed by your trustworthy and professional Oakland plumbing contractor.

In many households, the green, eco-friendly trend endures, particularly in California’s drought-sensitive climate. Water-saving toilets, hands-free faucets and water-efficient showers continue to advance and offer fantastic function as well as reduced water use. Some of these water-saving bathroom fixtures may even qualify you for energy rebates from EBMUD or other local water providers.

For toilets, some of the hottest new models offer water-saving dual flush options. The dual-flush systems provide users the option to flush with .8 gallons of water per flush or 1.6 gallons of water. Flushing with the .8 gallon option can save a household 17,000 gallons of water each year.

Some technologically advanced showers offer both water efficiency and a remarkable water flow. The latest water-efficient fixtures use as little as 1.

The plumbing experts at Berkeley Plumbing and Heating of Oakland CA can assist with any questions regarding radiant heating or water heaters.

6 gallons of water per minute instead of the usual 2.5 gallons per minute. At the same time, you can adjust the velocity, thermal dynamics, water droplet size and spray coverage of the shower so that your experience is the same as with a regular shower head.

At the sink, hands-free faucets allow water to flow only when the user’s hands are placed under the faucet and near the sensors. This convenient feature eliminates the need to turn the faucet off while scrubbing hands or brushing teeth and turning it back on to rinse. For those concerned with germs, touch-free faucets provide a way to wash hands without touching anything other than the soap dispenser. Aside from their functionality and water efficiency, these hands-free faucets are now available in a wide array of appealing designs and finishes to enhance any bathroom decor.

On the aesthetic side of bathroom design, the trend is toward minimalism and spa-like tranquility. This popular trend embraces space-saving fixtures that are affixed to the wall instead of the floor. Wall-mounted toilets, cabinets and sinks add a light and airy character to a bathroom and are one of the most important style trends of the year. Because all of the plumbing, pipe and power sources for wall-mounted products need to run through the walls, be sure to use a professional, experienced plumber to handle these fixtures.

Visual and auditory thrills abound in today’s most sophisticated bathrooms. From invisible music speakers built into tub walls and radiant heat mats installed in tub floors to unique, free-standing tub fillers and night light toilet seats, creative and pampering fixtures can add an engaging touch to any bathroom. Whether you opt for pampering tubs and showers or choose water efficiency, these top trends in bathroom plumbing help you create a restful oasis in your own home.

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