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Term courtesy of Oakland CA plumber: City storm sewers

City storm sewers, also known as municipal sewers, connect from the main house to the city water and sewer line. They carry rain water, wash water and waste water from your home to a complex series of pipes leading to a central processing plant.

FAQ for Oakland plumber: How do plumbers repair broken, cracked or crushed pipes caused by invasive tree roots?

When faced with crushed, broken or restricted pipes due to the invasion of tree roots, plumbers have a couple of options when it comes to repair and replacement: They can either do an open cut or trench process to get at the affected area, or they might engage in a trenchless repair process which is less invasive and causes less damage to the area.

Oakland Plumbing: Article About Types Of Drain Cleaning

Berkeley Plumbing and Heating: Professional Oakland CA Plumber

A big part of a plumber’s job is unclogging debris from pipes, drains and main water lines. Oakland plumbing experts are skilled in breaking up and removing blockages in main water and sewer lines stemming at the point of entry to your home: the toilets, sinks and showers. Plumbers typically cater to both residential and commercial clients with some offering work for municipalities in regards to community sewers. Part of the process is for the plumber to provide a complete inspection of the area to diagnose the problem, and an estimate is usually given before any work is performed.

One of the most common calls plumbers get is to unclog bathroom drains, which can become obstructed due to hair, debris, buildup and even foreign objects flushed down the toilet. This can sometimes go beyond a slow drain and into a full-blown backup involving water or sewer water. Sometimes, blockages are caused by tree roots that can crush or put pressure on pipes, restricting water and sewage flow. In this case, plumbers must provide an inspection, often via underground video, to find out where the roots are affecting the pipes and use the appropriate tools to restore function.

Plumbers can clean and unclog many types of drains, whether that involves a bathroom sink, toilet, downspout or main sewer lines. Utilizing equipment like rooters, snake lines and industrial-strength liquid drain unclogging agents, blockages can break up and allow water to flow again.

A plumber at Berkeley Plumbing and Heating of Oakland CA can assist with any questions regarding water heaters or heating repair.

Kitchen drains often experience blockages over time; they may drain out slower than usual as grease, soap, bits of food and fat build up and coat the inside of the pipes. Bathroom sinks can get clogged over time with toothpaste and soap while showers and bath tub drains fall victim to hair and soap that get caught up in the trap. Floor drains, common fixtures in basements, garages and laundry rooms, can also build up with dirt and debris. In this case, water can’t flow freely through, so be sure to inspect these drains periodically to ensure they’re working as they should.

Downspouts are a forgotten element to the home because they’re on the exterior of the house and no one tends to think of them until they get backed up. Downspout drains, which divert the flow of water away from the home during rain storms, connect to city storm sewers. These underground pipes can get clogged with anything from dirt and rocks to acorns and leaves. Your plumber should be able to clear out not only the downspouts but the connecting pipes as well to keep flooding at bay. Doing your part to prevent blockages in all drains of your home can go a long way toward avoiding backups of all kinds.

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